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Tuesday 28th October

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My last day today!!
Many thanks to you all for following my visit this October.  I have spent 3 fantastic weeks here in Niigata and seen and bought some truly wonderful koi. I hope you have enjoyed following our visit as well.
Not many words today as the final paperwork to complete before packing for my journey home!
Until the Spring …………….

Monday 27th October

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Sorry no words today as masses of paperwork still to do

Sunday 26th October

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The Nogyosai!
My heartiest congratulations to Nogami san! I was so thrilled when I checked his vat this morning and there was a koi missing.  Walking straight to the Grand Champion vat my suspicions were confirmed – the missing Kohaku was in it!  When I saw him later in the morning I went over to shake his hand and took him to pose by the vat to get the first pic of this year’s main man.  In no time at all the koi paparazzi crowded for the same photo opportunity – but I got it first!  I have known Nogami for 15 years and can appreciate his joy and delight at winning the award.   I could not get a decent pic as the Kohaku was very fidgety in the vat so I have included the pic I took after she was harvested on Wednesday.  What a great show – koi in all shapes and sizes with some tiddlers down to 14cm!

Saturday 25th

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Last day in Koi Land for Connoisseur Koi Holland and Glen and Annette Adaway but we finished in style with a visit to the Nogyosai Show in Ojiya.  Just a few pics with captions which hopefully will give you a flavour.  Judging is this afternoon but I’m back tomorrow so will update you on the winners.
We were incredibly honoured to be invited by Fujio Oomo to turn on the tap and begin filling the brand new 150 tonne – 3,000 gallon – finishing pond which NND will be using for big koi entered into the All Japan Show and the Wakagoi Show in the Spring.  Annie was given the star job of pressing the button which then pumped ground water through 2 hoses to begin the fill, which should take 1 day.
Before leaving for the Shinkansen my party christened the new pond English style by pouring beer in – not too much though – cant waste good beer!

Friday 24th October

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Last day for this group.  I have to meet Fujio Oomo now and out with the group for dinner so very brief today. 
We are off to the Nogyosai Show in the morning so more pics tomorrow

Thursday 23rd October

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Persuaded Chogoro to sell a Gin Matsuba that he had put in a floating net in preparation for the Nogyosai Show in Ojiya this weekend.  He then quoted me a price for a beni kikokuryu of 300,000 yen – nearly £1900 – I dont think he wanted to sell it!  Then managed to persuade him to let me have just 3 of his tategoi platinums.  Once Glen Adaway got his wallet out he couldn’t put it back in his pocket!  But 3 real beauties will soon be swimming in his massive pond. 
Yagenji continues to be a daily visit – it is so addictive!
Kaneko blew our socks off with some newly harvested Doitsu Showa and Koromo.
I am exhausted now!

Wednesday 22nd October

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Nogami goes large – his No.1 harvest featured amazing Kohaku and Showa up to 93cm – phew!
I think we will see some of them again this weekend at the Nogyosai Show in Ojiya. Enjoy!

Tuesday 21st October

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I’ll start with a walk on the wild side!
Yesterday evening I appointed Roland as the entertainments officer and we went "Off Road".  He selected a traditional Japanese Restaurant – no English menu, no English spoken – but plastic plates of food in the window. The only complication was taht Roland had to go to the front of the restaurant with the waitress to order – and we were on the third floor!  Ordering beers was easy but Annette wanted white wine – we got wine across eventually but then I had to explain "Shiro" meaning white.  It worked but not a glass – we got a bottle and a corkscrew – they don’t know how to use it so I had to uncork it!!
The waitress cooked the meal for us in a pan over a gas burner and other than the raw egg you were supposed to eat it with it was delicious!
A couple more Oomo extreme Tategoi Showa were bought today to grow for one year and then onto Kazuto Ikarashi.  He has some astonishing koi with prices to match – justifiably running into many millions of yen.  We bought 4 crackers that were a little more reasonably priced but truly lovely.  Check out Glen Adaway’s new 2 year Showa – just superb.  Yagenji harvested Shiro Utsuri and Showa nissai today.  Daisuke felt the harvest was so so.  Many of the shiro’s did not have much black but I know that this will come easliy when the fish return so I bought 4 crackers that will be at bargain basement prices in the Autumn.
Buy of the day though was a "Wonky" Tancho Showa from Yagenji – whilst the tancho is clearly not positioned perfectly the white skin is of the highest quality and it will be offered at a  "bite my hand off price" !

Monday 20th October

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What a great day – I only bought 4 fish!
A superb Doitsu Showa was bought for Roy Collins. It was recommended by Fujio Oomo who met Roy at our facility in JUly.  It won a prize in the Wakagoi Show in the Spring so it will be coming back with a certificate!  Connoisseur Koi Holland bought some lovely fish today and they are building an impressive collection.
Yagenji was mobbed out this afternoon but we patiently waited to buy some quite superb Gin Rin Yamabuki Ogons.  Two year and around 50cm and very reasonably priced these super shiny koi will fly out!

Sunday 19th October

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We had to get up to the mountains this morning for our appointment with Yagenji as C Koi Holland had seen a couple of great Kohaku yesterday evening but we had lost the light so it was back first thing to check in the daylight and subsequently buy.  Another 4 nissai including a lovely small Sanke were bought, photographed and it was then off for a quick hurtle round the mountains to get Glen and Annette Adaway’s eyes in.  I had bumped into Tanaka Marajyu last night in a restaurant so we dropped in there for a nosey – it is officially "Tancho Central"!  Between January and March this year they made 2000 Tancho’s!  I have never seen so many.
After lunch we went to the Nagaoka Show.  This year we had a man on the inside.  Yesterday evening Fujio, knowing that I had customers to guide, had asked if Roland could judge at the show.  There were 3 western judges, Roland, Jonathon Aitken and a guy from the States.  This is a first for the Nagaoka Show and a real priviledge to be involved.  The weather was brilliant sunshine and the fish looked magnificent in the bright light  Julie Steel’s Oomo Showa got runner up Grand Champion (she was robbed!).  Kazuto Ikarashi took Grand Champion with a Kohaku that had superb skin quality.
The venue is magnificent and the backdrop is a fabulous monument commemorating Kome Hyappyo.  During the late 1860’s Nagaoka had lost its food producing capability due to the Boshin War.  A neighbouring town tried to help stave off starvation by gifting 100 sacks of rice.  Rather than feed the people Kobayashi suggested they sell the rice and use the money for education.  Understandably there was significant opposition but his suggestion was finally accepted. His argument was if 100 bags of rice are eaten they are lost immediately but if sold and the money raised invested in education this would provide 1 million bags of rice tomorrow!
This has gone on to become a great Japanese anecdote – "enduring pain today for the sake of a better tomorrow"