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19th October 2012

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Another hectic day starting at the Champion Mud Pond high up above Yomogihira Village.  In the spring the snow stayed late causing the pond to warm up very slowly and it wasn’t until the 19th May that the water temperature reached 18 degrees at which stage 26 customers koi were introduced plus 9 NND fish.  After  a late start the months of June, July and August saw no rain causing the water levels to drop through evaporation and water temperatures to soar way over 30 c causing the koi’s appetite to reduce.  In spite of all this the growth rate was really good with most fish achieving 9-10cm growth with wonderful volume and condition.  The joy of seeing a big koi emerge into the sunlight from the murky water can’t help but lift your spirits.

Donald had a superb result from one of his koi that had been grown on and together with the other one both are being grown for another year.  Along the way I was fortunate to be able to select from the top Izumiya Yamabuki Ogons that had been grown by Makoto Tanaka.  He had kept the best 4 for me to select from and I just couldn’t resist.  These are coming home and are sure to sell quickly.

Clair was at it again with an exquisite Oomo Showa that wowed everyone – go girl go!

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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